At Relocate Bulgaria we employ a team of professionals, including translators and English speaking lawyers in all of the major centres e.g. Varna, Sofia & Bourgas. Their sole responsibility is to ensure that every aspect of your purchasing a property in Bulgaria is undertaken properly and in a timely manner.
We understand that if purchasing for investment purposes or to fulfil the dream of owning an overseas home, for many this will be a life changing experience that should be both enjoyable and carefree. In essence your needs and goals are key and whether it’s your viewing trip or leading you through the legalities, we undertake to do everything possible to ensure that you find the right property & take possession with the minimum of inconvenience.
To offer an understanding of both the legalities and tax involved when purchasing a property We have detailed the key points below along with some example purchases showing the costs involved.


Similar to purchasing a property in either the UK or Spain, once you have decided on the property or land you wish to purchase, a deposit will be required to secure the property during the period in which a full purchase contract is prepared (usually 30 days). This deposit is paid to the owner on the signing of a deposit letter and is usually for 1,000 euros. We ensure that preliminary checks to confirm the registered status of property or land are undertaken prior to this deposit being paid to the owner. This is not a usual practice but ensures that any property we sell is fully legal and used for its intended purpose.

The next stage of the buying process entails your appointed lawyer preparing a full purchase contract. These contracts once signed, are legally binding and contain the buyer-seller details, property details, purchase price, agreed payment structure and the completion date. With regards the payment structure there is no fixed formula which can be applied because off plan properties will need to be paid for differently in comparison to a property which already exists. With regards off plan properties payment terms are set by the constructor and with regards properties already in existence the usual payment structure is 20% ( less deposit already paid) on signing of the purchase contract, 30% on commencement of build,and a further 50% upon completion. The latter however is not set in stone and different terms can often be negotiated with the constructors.

Before preparing this contract your appointed lawyer will check that the property you intend to purchase has a title deed, is registered, free of taxes and encumbrances and that it is owned by the seller. Land being purchased to build on must be classified as urban (in Bulgaria known as regulated land). The owner will have documentary proof of the regulated status and it’s status will also be identifiable as such on the land registry.

The final stage of purchase (completion) is carried out in a similar fashion to Spain with the balance of the purchase price being paid to the owner in the presence of a notary. At this point the title deed of the property will be re assigned into the name of the buyer.


In Bulgaria, as in Spain, the buyer is obligated to pay local government tax on any property purchase. Currently this stands at 4% of the government approved value of the property. The government approved value of a property will be what appears in the title deed and this will never be the same as the selling price. The government approved value will usually change when the title deed is passed from one party to another but still it will not be the same as the selling price. As a rule of thumb government approved value will not exceed 60% of the selling price.

Since 2012, the EU residents have the possibility to purchase land in Bulgaria, without setting u







When buying a property in Bulgaria the following costs are involved.
Taxes There are two government taxes to be paid as part of a purchase. One which equates to 2% of the government approved value and a further one of .2% again charged against the government approved value.

Legal Fees

These are usually around 300 euros but might increase to 600 euros, if the lawyer represents you in front of the notary.

Inscription fee

The land registry needs to be informed of a change of ownership. The fee for this is 25 euros.

Example Purchase 1
House or apartment, with land for EU citizens

* Property cost 30,000 euros
* Lawyers fee 300 euros
* Government tax at 4% of maximum government approved value = 18,000 euros X 4 %=   720 euros
* Inscription fee 25 euros

Total Purchase price 31,045 euros

Example Purchase 2
House or apartment with land for NON EU citizens

* Property cost 80,000 euros
* Lawyers fee 600 euros as includes company set up
* Government tax at 4% of maximum government approved value = 18,000 euros X 4 % = 720euros
* Inscription fee 25 euros
 Total Purchase price 81,345 euros


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