We at Relocate Bulgaria know there is no substitute for personally viewing both the property and the area that is of interest to you.
Once we have established the type of property which interests you, we would strongly urge a viewing trip . It is Relocate Bulgaria’s policy not to do subsidised or free viewing packages preferring, instead, to sell our properties at the cheapest possible prices.
Whilst we are aware that there are companies out there who do offer this type of service it is always a false economy, in that you will be expected to pay a far higher price, through inflated commissions, should you go on to purchase. Many of you will have previous experience of how these big companies operate and if being kept prisoner inside your hotel under 24 hr supervision by a rep. is what you require then unfortunately we can’t help.
Instead Relocate Bulgaria have a dedicated team who will assist you with every aspect of putting your trip together. We will:

- Inform you of cheap flight availability

- Arrange free airport transfers

- Book local accommodation with hotels and B&B to suit every budget

- Ensure property viewings can be made at a time convenient to you

- Provide details of excellent car hire providers if required

- Insist that your trip incorporates sufficient free time for you to get to know the area.


Best property buys

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